Motivational Monday – Vision Boards

vision board (noun)

a collage of pictures, text, and other items that represent and affirm one’s dreams and ambitions, created to help visualize and focus on one or more specific aspirations: Everything on her vision board points to a career in pediatric medicine.

One of my girlfriends had made a post on Facebook years ago about her vision board. I immediately sent her a note and asked for a lesson. A couple of weeks later, Amy and I were in her backyard getting a lesson on how to vision board. I brought with me a smaller trifold poster that could easily be tucked away, but I thought would be more convenient to store and pull out, etc. Of course, I filled it up rather quickly and was excited about my new craft. 

It ended up that it was a little too small. It was too easy to tuck away and forget entirely. For me, the purpose of my vision board is to picture my goals. It’s a way to stay excited to do the work when I don’t feel motivated. I could put a list up I guess, but a vision board is just way more fun. 

I think I accomplished one thing on that vision board, which didn’t surprise me since I rarely looked at it and my visions hadn’t included a pandemic. I decided to give it another go and make a full-size vision board this time, that I could slide behind the couch, but it was much bigger and felt more like an authentic vision board.  Turns out it’s too big for me to conveniently pull out and glance over. 

Trifold Vision Board

I just loved the idea too much to give up on it so I decided to try and put it in my bullet journal. I have two pages dedicated to my ‘vision board’ and it has been the best option yet. I use my bullet journal every day and I have glanced at my ‘goals’ at least once a day for the past week.  It isn’t Instagram pretty and wouldn’t get pinned on Pinterest, but I don’t care. I can’t tell you how happy and motivated it makes me and THAT is the purpose of a vision board for me. 

Bullet Journal Vision Board

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