Thankful Thursday – Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

My hair has been driving me absolutely nuts. It’s completely out of control and I still have about a week until I can remedy it. The woman who does my hair has been out for a minor medical procedure and when I booked the appointment it didn’t seem like that big of a deal to just wait a little longer. One thing I didn’t take into consideration, I had decided to give bangs a try, mainly in an attempt to cover wrinkles. I have been tempted several times to try and give my bangs a trim because I’m feeling like Cousin It, but then I recall the time I tried to give my son a haircut. I figured clippers wouldn’t be so hard to figure out and hair always grows back. 

For anyone who has seen the episode of The Big Bang Theory where Penny gives Sheldon a haircut, that’s pretty much what happened. I must have angled the clippers a little too close and given him a buzz cut just in a three-inch spot on the back of his head. Since then, I’ve been extremely hesitant to try anything hair related on my own, with good reason. 

Here I am apologizing to classes that they have to put up with the mess that is my hair right now, it’s that bad. Think a long shaggy haired skunk. While cleaning out a drawer, I remembered it wasn’t that long ago that I would have been happy with shaggy, multi-colored hair. I uncovered a supply of shadows to color my scalp so it looked like I had more hair and a greasy prescription to apply to encourage growth. 

I was pretty dang excited when my hair grew back after chemotherapy but just as I was getting comfortable with hair again, I started losing it in clumps. It was awful.  I was tempted to start wearing a wig again and I was so worried it would never grow back and only get worse.  Without going into the gross details, I was hospitalized a couple of months before it started falling out. Apparently, at that time, my body was shutting down so much that it affected my hair, but I wouldn’t know it until the growth cycle. 

Putting shadow on my numerous ‘parts’ on my scalp and making sure that I had a hat on if I was in the sun at all. I ended up going in for a pixie cut and crossing my fingers it was temporary. Thank goodness it was, my hair has grown back and I’m realizing just how silly it’s been for me to be annoyed with its state. I’m just grateful to have it back. The shape of my head wasn’t so bad, it wouldn’t be the end of the world if I lose it again. Still, I’m just so thankful for the little stuff- like hair on my head. 

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