Tangential Inspiration Food Drive

For Mother’s Day, we thought we would help our community by organizing a food drive to support our local area. Why on Mother’s Day you might ask? Good question. But there is a good answer, too. Food insecurity is a major problem throughout the world and in the U.S. Food insecurity is a lack of access to affordable and nutritious food. According to the USDA, in 2019, 10.5 percent of American households suffered food insecurity at least for some time during the year. 4.1 percent of American households suffered regular food insecurity. In these homes, people might have to make choices between filling up their gas tank or buying medicine and eating. Single mothers are particularly vulnerable to food insecurity, as are the elderly. Single mothers often have to give up work time or opportunities related to raising their children. That puts a financial strain on families and often leads to food insecurity. That is why we chose Mother’s Day to have our food drive. Let’s help some mothers out! Our information is below, but even if you aren’t in our area, think about making a food donation or cash donation to a food bank near you!

For Directions to the Mother’s Day Food Drive hosted by Matrix Industries, click here.

For more information about, Neighborhood House a great neighborhood charity, click here. They do a lot more than provide food to families. Take a look at their website to see everything they are doing for their community.

For more information on what food banks need and how you can help, see our previous post What Food Banks Need.

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