lady gaga

Be Kind 21 Follow Up

As I have talked about on the podcast and in another post, I am trying to do my Be Kind 21 list in April. I was inspired by Lady Gaga’s (Episode 16) Be Kind campaign, as just little ways that you can make the world better. Lady Gaga’s official 21-day campaign is in September each…

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Teresa’s Be Kind 21 List

Inspired by Lady Gaga’s Be Kind 21 campaign, I was impatient and decided to get a jump start on this in April, rather than wait until September. In all honesty, I will probably do it in September with Lady Gaga, too. Here is my list for this month. I have done a few of these…

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Episode 16: Lady Gaga

As we close out March, National Women’s Month, we cover the musical phenomenon, Lady Gaga, and her mission to spread kindness and acceptance for those with mental illness.  Also, we take a quick look at a mom who is trying to remove the stigma associated with mental illnesses through theater and a millionaire who is…

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