Black History Month

This podcast was done during February, which is Black History Month. In February, our feature story will focus on how black people inspire us.

Episode 4: Kamala Harris- Show Notes

Its our fourth episode, and we are starting to get things together. We have our audio issues sorted out. Still a bit nervous, but so excited to talk about Kamala Harris, and frankly a lot about Kamala Harris’ mom. Here’s what’s in the show: The sweet story of Michael Gardner, a single dad who sews…

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Episode 3: John Lewis – Show Notes

This show was done in February of 2021, during Black History Month. No Black History Month can be complete without discussing the civil rights powerhouse, John Lewis. We had to cover Senator Lewis and his many accomplishments. We are still “finding our sound” in this one, but the heart of John Lewis will inspire you….

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Episode 2: Amanda Gorman- Show Notes

This one is still a bit rough. It’s Episode 2, and we are still having audio issues and are really nervous. However, Amanda Gorman is AMAZING! You really need to hear about this awesome young woman. Here is what we covered in this episode: The remarkable story behind Bernie Sander’s Inauguration Mittens. 00:27 The amazingly…

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Episode 1: Claudette Colvin- Show Notes

Our first episode, and it shows. We were very nervous. Neither of us had ever done a podcast, let alone much public speaking. The audio is a bit wonky on this, our nerves are showing, but we get better over time. Thankfully we have gotten better. Its still worth a listen. In this show, we…

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