Searching for Signs

Since the war broke out in Ukraine in February I have seen a woman in my neighborhood in Beaverton, Oregon wearing a blue and yellow color-block rain jacket. Every time I see her I am reminded of the people in Ukraine and wonder the significance of her jacket. Today, I was out walking my mini schnauzer, Fritz and our paths crossed. Uncharacteristically of me, I am super shy, I asked the woman about her jacket. She chuckled like maybe she has gotten this question a lot. She said she bought the jacket and later wondered if people are going to think she is making a statement. We chatted a bit more and then went our separate ways. As I walked away, I reflected on how we as people look for signs or symbols of connection, maybe even assigning significance like myself and the woman’s jacket as a way to unite us, bring us together. Regardless, when I see the woman in the blue and yellow jacket I will think of the people of Ukraine.


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