Episode 107: The Fierce Love of Rev. Jacqui Lewis

Brrrr.  Beautiful Fall leaves, cold crisp air, and sunlit azure skies.  Rain is right around the corner, but today is a magnificent day.  And just as we can bask in a beautiful Fall day to prepare for the darkness of Winter, we can take in some inspiration to insulate us from some of the darkness in the world.  So here is your chance to fill your inspiration tank.  Teresa starts with a story about retired pro-skater Tony Hawk and The Skatepark Project, bringing skateboarding parks and leadership to youth all over the country.  Then Amy does her deep dive on the Reverend Jacqui Lewis and her “fierce love” that breaks barriers and inspires us to love everyone.  Amy wraps up the episode with a $100 million dollar campaign to help Jesus improve his “brand”.  Join us on the hunt for inspiration!

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