Episode 98: Florence Nightingale – The Nurse Who Changed Healthcare

Starting to feel a little bit like Fall around here, but we aren’t quite ready to give up Summer yet.  Sometimes you have to hold on to something a bit longer.  And that is what we try to do each week, find a few stories to hold onto hope, love, and inspiration.  It’s what we do!  This week, Teresa starts off with two stories about indigenous American women doing some great things and inspiring so many people with their stories.  Then Amy does a deep dive on Florence Nightingale, who while famous for being a nurse, used evidence and statistics to change medicine and exercise some serious Girl Power!  Amy brings it home with a spin-off story from Florence with Alexis Soyer, a chef, and humanitarian who was using food to heal way ahead of his time.  Learn a little history and get inspired along the way with these very interesting stories.

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