Episode 91: David Egan – More Alike Than Different

So like much of the world, we are suffering through a heatwave this week.  Every year it is just getting hotter and hotter.  Our planet is on fire (in some places literally).  We need to muster all the positive energy we can so we must seek out the good and the light.  This week, we bring you stories to help nurture that positive energy so you can let it build and then release it out into the world.  First up are more stories of hope and perseverance from Ukraine, this time featuring actor and WWE Wrestler John Cena.  John has fulfilled more Make a Wish Foundation Wishes than any other person and he does not disappoint a huge fan in Ukraine.  Then Teresa focuses on David Egan, an advocate and public speaker promoting treating the disabled with respect and dignity while looking at them for what they can do, not what they can’t do.  David, who has Down’s Syndrome has not let it stop him one bit, and there is a lot to learn from this man.  Amy wraps up with two stories out of Oregon about how people are making the outdoors more accessible for those with wheelchairs or limited mobility.   Find a spot near a pool or a lake, or find a beach with a breeze, kick back and have a listen.  Let’s refill out positive energy and then release it into the world.

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