Episode 90: Suleika Jaouad – Following A Trail of Gratitude

Summer is going full blast!  Well at least here in the Pacific Northwest, and apparently the UK- weird.  Well anyway, it’s hot.  But we do have some fantastic inspiring tales this week.  Teresa starts off with the story of a father that gave his son a gift that was 10 years in the making, and helped a lot of other people along the way.  Amy introduces us to New York Times columnist, Suleika Jaouad, who documented her battle with cancer in a weekly column and then went on a road trip to meet some of the people who she interacted with during her recovery.  It’s a really moving story and you are going to become a fan of this woman!  Amy finishes up with a story about an Oregon charity that provides books to inmates in our state and federal penitentiaries.   It’s inspired us to do our own book drive to provide literature to those who are incarcerated.  Take a “you” break, recharge your inspiration batteries, and go shine like a light in the darkness.

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