Episode 89: José Andrés – The World’s Front Line Chef

The war in Ukraine still wages on, with countless people dying from the Russian invasion.  Whenever we can, we like to highlight the bright spots in this tragic war.  We have touched on Chef José Andrés before, but this guy deserves a lot more attention.  Amy does a deep dive on this Chef who travels the world to feed those in need under the direst circumstances.  You have to hear about this guy.  But first, Teresa starts off with two short stories about generational torches being passed in communities with groups that make a difference.  Amy finishes the episode off with a story about an amazing charity that is changing lives around the world with a rugged line of bicycles.  These bicycles are changing how people live in some of the poorest countries in the world.  This is a great episode.  Pour yourself a nice glass of ice tea, find a patch of shade, and have a listen.

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