Episode 82: Mandisa – A Journey of Faith and Music

2022 is going by so fast- we are already closing out May!  And while there is so much negativity in the news right now- so much pain and death, we need to search for the bright spots.  It is too easy to fixate on the bad of this world and miss all the beauty.  Here is just our little ray of sunshine to help you through the shadows.  Amy shares the story of a modern take on an older Mexican folk art tradition being used to help raise money for a children’s hospital.  Then she deep dives into Mandisa, the Christian singer whose journey of faith is tested over and over, and yet she always finds the light.  And bringing up the rear, Teresa shares two stories of people making a difference for those less fortunate, here in the United States and abroad.  Everyone can use a dose of inspiration right now- come innoculate yourself against the darkness!

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