Episode 73: Remy Wines: An Interview About Innovation

Episode 73 is a little different than most of our other episodes.  In this episode, Teresa interviews Remy Drabkin and John Mead.  Remy is the owner of Remy Wines in McMinnville, Oregon, a winery that is on the cutting edge of not only environmental sustainability but also social consciousness.  Remy, with the help of John Mead of Vesuvian Forge, is building a sustainable winery and using a new type of concrete that may help combat climate change.  And on top of all of this, Remy makes some remarkable wine.  Remy is doing some amazing stuff, both for the environment and as a champion for equity in the community.   Come listen and learn, because this stuff may just change the world!

1 comment on “Episode 73: Remy Wines: An Interview About Innovation

  1. Trish says:


    Just wanted to say, my friend recommended this podcast to me and I love it. It feels like I am just hanging out with my girlfriends. As Teresa might say, “I love, love, love” the energy between the two of you. I have been listening to it in the car with my 17 year old daughter. I think the stories are great for her to hear when she is bombarded by so much negativity online, but sometimes she looks at me like I am crazy when I start laughing with you guys. Keep up the awesome work ladies, this is a much needed service in the world.


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