Episode 66: The Author with a Child-Like Heart – Beverly Cleary

Ok- we have been away for a couple of weeks.  Some technical issues on top of Covid has put us a bit behind, but we have so many inspiring stories to get out so we will be playing catch-up.  One of the unfortunate sides of Covid is that we are doing the podcast remotely, so sorry that the audio quality is a little off.  We are working on trying to improve it.  Anyways, still some fantastic stories this week.  Teresa starts off with the story of a motel owner who is using his motel to help the less fortunate.  Amy talks about a beloved children’s author, Beverly Cleary, who wrote fantastic stories for children, all centered around Portland.  And then Amy finishes with the story of an 8-year-old graphic novelist who got his start in an unusual and creative way.  Have a listen, hear some great stories, and find something to inspire you!

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