Episode 64: Julie Rodgers – Outlove

Ok.  Just to be upfront, this episode includes puppies in bowties.  PUPPIES IN BOWTIES!  How can you get more adorable than that?  By having a young man sew them to help get pets in shelters adopted.   Our main story is not quite so light, dealing with overcoming the damaging effects of so-called “gay conversion therapy”.  Julie Rodgers bravely tells her story of how she went from the face of gay conversion camps to an outspoken activist against the practice that has traumatized far too may young people.  Check out her book, Outlove: A Queer Christian Survival Story.  Amy then lightens the mood with the heartwarming story of how two nurses are bringing birthday celebrations to kids that might otherwise not have a birthday.  These ladies are awesome and doing so much good in the world.  This episode has a little bit of everything, plus puppies in bowties.  What are you waiting for?  Have a listen.

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