Episode 62: Ringing in the New Year with Julia Childs

Wow- the last week of 2021!  Where has the year gone?  We are finishing 2021 with a bang- three great inspiration stories.  Teresa starts us off with Verônica Silva Hipólito, the amazing para-athlete who has overcome so many challenges but never gives up.  Her story is simply amazing!  Then Amy deep dives on the amazing life of Chef Julia Childs.  This Chef’s love of bringing the joy of cooking to so many people has changed the world and is probably the progenitor of all of the cooking shows we now enjoy.  Her passion for food is contagious!  Amy continues her streak of crocheting stories, but with a twist.  Senior citizens are using crocheting to make a difference for homeless people all around the country while giving themselves purpose.  There is one last question and answer session to close out 2021!

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