Episode 61: It’s a Wonderful Life

Yay!  Our first Christmas episode!  The holidays can be filled with so much joy, but they can also be a time people struggle.  This episode is all about finding hope in the holidays and a reminder that everyone makes a difference.  We start off with Amy talking about The Thirteen Gifts, a story of tragedy that leads to hope and kindness for a family and how they pay that forward in love.  Then Teresa deep dives into the holiday classic, It’s a Wonderful Life, and the story of George Bailey, a man that is given the gift of seeing a world where he never existed and shown how much impact even the little things he did made in the lives of the people around him.  It is such a great reminder that everyone makes a difference!  Then there is the story of the miraculous Christmas Truce, where for one brief Christmas Day in 1914, there was hope in one of the most grisly fields of combat in World War I.  There is a quick-fire question-and-answer session with Amy to top off the holiday theme.  

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