Episode 57: The Inner Beauty of Lizzie Velasquez

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving here in the US.  A time when we reflect on our lives and express gratitude for what we have.  We at Tangential Inspiration are thankful to share our stories with you and hope that along the way you find some inspiration that sparks action, hope, and kindness.  This week, we share some stories about people who share with others in different ways.  Amy starts off with Edesia, a non-profit company that makes life-saving Plumpy’Nut, feeding millions of hungry children around the world and giving the gift of life and a chance at education to some of the poorest children.  Teresa tells the heartwrenching story of Lizzie Velasquez, who has overcome so much hardship and heartache but lives her mission of kindness to others and helps lead a movement to end bullying.  Teresa also talks about Mr.Beast, who searches for fame and followers like other YouTube superstars but does it through amazing acts of generosity and kindness.  There is a bounty of inspiration laid out to feast upon.  Dig in!

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