Episode 56: The Indivisible Nate Boyer

Just one more week until Thanksgiving.  November is moving fast!  Time to take a moment to slow down, breathe deep, and find some inspiration.  This week, Amy starts off with a contest set up by famous documentary filmmaker, Ken Burns, which celebrates hometown pride.  Teresa does a deep dive on Green Beret and football play Nate Boyer who is using football to tell the story of one America and help close the divide between Americans by listening to what we have in common rather than what sets us apart.  Finally, Teresa talks about 52 Lives, a group that picks one person or family each week and asks the community to change their lives.  Whether it is making a child’s last few days magical or helping a student’s dream of going to college, communities come together to make something amazing happen.  It’s a beautiful story, and something we should recreate here in the US.  There is a Thanksgiving-themed QandA with Teresa.  Wrap up in a warm blanket of inspiration and find a little Zen.

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