Episode 55: Sutton Foster – Overcoming Crisis One Craft Project at a Time

Ok- now it is just dark and wet in the Pacific Northwest.  What better time to bundle up inside and get inspired by a podcast.  Let’s get the ball rolling with Vanessa Severo, a Brazillian writer, and actress who is telling the amazing tale of Frieda Kahlo, the famed Mexican artist, on the stage.  Then there is another stage performer, Broadway star Sutton Foster, who has written Hooked, How Crafting Saved My Life.  This book explains how the simple pleasure of crafting can be a mental health anchor in your life.  Teresa, in recognition of Veteran’s Day, tells the story of Julia Parsons and her role as a secret codebreaker during World War II and how she just celebrated her 100th birthday.  Teresa asks Amy some Thanksgiving questions to round out this November podcast.  Come on in, snuggle up with a warm drink, and find a little inspiration. 

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