Episode 53: Tig Notaro – the Luckiest Unlucky Person

Just days out before Halloween, Fall is in full swing and here in the Pacific Northwest, when it’s not dumping rain, the trees are gorgeous!   Some great stories for you this week.  Amy tells the story of Club Kindness, an organization that is doing amazing things, that grew out from the love of a young man who brought hope to others even though he was terminally ill.  Teresa talks about comedian Tig Notaro, who despite going through a series of tragedies, still looks to bring laughter to others.  And Teresa tells the story of the American Dream of Sonia Sotomayor, who grew up a poor Puerto Rican girl and through hard work and determination became a US Supreme Court Justice.  This is an amazing story.  This week is full of inspiration to help you launch into November with a happy heart.

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