Episode 50: Atticus- The Mighty Little Mountain Dog

Our 50th episode is really great.  First, we have the amazing Betty Soskin- the hundred-year-old National Park Ranger who has been dropping historical truth bombs and challenging the politically correct history for years.  Then there is the heart-warming story of Atticus, the miniature schnauzer who conquered hundreds of mountains with his owner in the name of charity.  This is truly an inspiring story, and who doesn’t love a cute dog in a snowsuit.  Amy then tells the story of the Billion Oyster Project in New York City where volunteers are bringing back oyster beds to the once super-polluted New York Harbor.  Can you believe that?  People and restaurants are helping oysters make a come-back in NYC!  There is also a quick Q&A with Teresa in the hot seat.  You can’t miss Episode 50 or you will regret it, probably forever.  And who wants to live a life full of regret?

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