Episode 44: David Chang’s Momofuku

As we move into September, we are going to do a few stories on mental health and mental health awareness.  Mental health is a huge issue worldwide and more needs to be done to help those who are suffering as well as more intervention to help prevent mental illness and eliminate the stigma of mental health issues.   In this episode, we start off with New York’s Trash Walker who is bringing awareness to the massive waste going on in our cities and what can be done to divert unused goods from our dumps to those in need.  Then Amy deep dives into Chef David Chang, who has battled mental health through his career but has still become a world-renowned chef and restauranteur.  His story is inspiring.  Amy also tells us the story of how singer Jack Johnson is working cleaning up the world from plastics and the father-son Ridwell recycling project in Portland, Oregon.  This is a great episode, have a listen and get inspired.

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