Episode 43: The Unsinkable Refugee- Yusra Mardini

The Olympics may be over, but August is still our Olympics month, and there is still some inspiration to be squeezed out of the Games. Teresa starts off with the compelling story of the world’s fastest blind man and his amazing running partner. Then Teresa introduces us to a teenage refugee who risked her life fleeing from war-torn Syria, only to find herself become an Olympic swimmer. Then Amy has two short stories of inspiring rowers. One rower continues to row, despite his body failing him, becoming a para-athlete Olympic rower. The second story is about two fun-loving boys who started doing a new rowing sport on a whim, and whim and now are heading off to compete internationally. There is a quick question and answer session with Amy in dishing some answers. Come have some fun, learn something new, and leave just a bit more inspired.

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