Episode 42: The Relentless Missy Franklin

So the Olympics have come to a close.  We were definitely inspired by so many of the Olympic stories, both past and present.  This episode is CRAMMED with inspiring athletes.  First, though, Teresa tells the tale of Grandma Gatewood, who in her mid-sixties, hiked the 2,050 mile Appalachian Trail on her own, and followed it up by doing the Oregon Trail by herself!  Amy does a deep dive into Olympic swimming with the relentless spirit of Missy Franklin, who with the support of her parents, found Olympic gold five times!  And with this being the first Olympics featuring skateboarding, Amy covers the amazing young women of skateboarding.  Finally, there is a quick rapid-fire question session with Teresa in the hot seat.  So much inspiration going on here we just couldn’t fit it into 30 minutes!

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