Episode 32: The Peacebunny Island Interview- Caleb Smith

Our first interview episode!  And its with the owner of Peacebunny Island, Caleb Smith, who Amy first discussed in Episode 17.  For those not familiar, Peacebunny Island is an actual island, where Caleb Smith raises bunnies to be used for birthday parties, schools, old folks’ homes, and even as comfort animals following tragedies like school shootings.  Amy hits Calebs 10 key values, which we can all learn from, we have our interview with Caleb.  Sorry for the audio quality, we had to change recording methods unexpectedly, but Caleb may very well be one of the most impressive 16 year-olds you ever hear.  His attitude and maturity are amazing and what he has accomplished is incredible!  It is a must hear interview.  Teresa follows up with Robert Kenny, the YouTube star of his popular channel Dad, How do I? This dad teaches kids without a father figure how to do everything from changing a tire to having personal integrity, and he does it with so much kindness.  This is a fun episode with lots of inspiration! 

You can find more information on Caleb and his bunnies at Peacebunnyisland.com.

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