Episode 30: Erin French – The Comeback Chef

Episode 30!  Can’t believe we are already here.  Inspiration abounds!  Amy does a deep dive on Chef Erin French, who despite some pretty major setbacks, she fought to get her son and her restaurant back only to become a world-renowned dinner destination that gets so many reservation requests, she has to hold a lottery.  Then there is Tiquette Bramlett and Vidon Vineyards.  Tiquette is the first black vineyard president in a major U.S. vineyard region.  Tiquette is planning on bringing more diversity to the wine industry and education about winemaking for everyone.  Teresa finishes up with a little bit about the history of AA and the twelve-step programs that have helped thousands of people escape addiction.  #30 is a great episode and you don’t want to miss out.

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