Episode 27: The Daring Irena Sendler

All month during the month of May, we are going to focus on stories of moms that have done spectacular things or have made great impacts on our world.  This week, Teresa does a deep dive on Irena Sendler.  Never heard of her?  Well, you need to change that.  This remarkable mom saved 2,500 infants and children during Hitler’s reign of terror in Poland during World War II.  Also, hear about The Boys Who Challenged Hitler, a group of young saboteurs, written about by Phillip Hoose (see Episode 1).  Hear about a coffee company that hires 80% of its workforce from the developmentally disabled community and Amy covers the heartwarming story of the power of multigenerational moms.  There is a lot to learn in this episode and the stories are pretty dang amazing- you don’t want to miss this episode.

2 comments on “Episode 27: The Daring Irena Sendler

  1. Jill Stanton says:

    Hi Amy and Teresa. Not sure if I am posting this in the right place. Started listening to your podcast a few days ago while I was cleaning out my garage. Love it and keep up the good work. So glad you did Irena Sendler. I took a class in college about World War II and one of the group projects was Irena Sendler. I was shocked I had never heard of her. So good job getting the word out. She is a very inspiring lady.

    Looking forward to listening to more podcasts from you guys.

    Jill – New York City!!!!

    1. Thanks, Jill for the comment- so glad to hear from you. We were really inspired by Irena Sendler as well. People definitely should learn more about this woman. So glad to have you listening.

      Amy and Teresa

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