Episode 26: The Mother of The Modern Mastectomy

Happy Mother’s Day!  We hope that you have a wonderful Mother’s Day.  We know for some of you it is a hard day- and we would love to hear from you about your mothers too.  This week’s episode is of course mother centered.  But first, Amy talks about some little tidbit stories highlighting how so many of the stories we share come back to us in interesting ways.  Teresa talks about a company trying to grow that is making earth-friendly compostable tooth flossers which would help solve one of Teresa’s pet peeves and help the planet rid another single-use plastic.  Then Teresa gives us a bit of history on Vera Peters, the mother of the modern mastectomy, and who improved cancer treatments both medically and emotionally for patients.  Finally, Teresa talks about how her life has been and continues to be shaped by her two moms.

Let’s give a shout-out to all the moms, grandmas, step-moms, and other women who have been there for us throughout our lives.  Moms, whether biological or not, rock!

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