Episode 103: Christina Tosi and the Power of Dessert

Good day to everyone!  We hope that you are having a fantastic week and can top off the inspiration tanks with a quick refuel of wine, baked goods, and hope.  Teresa starts off by talking about Vital Wines, a non-profit winery that supports providing health care for wine workers.  You will be hungry after Amy talks about Christina Tosi, who started the popular Milk Bar company and has made a career out of a giving heart.  And while we are on baking, Amy tells the story of a group that is helping to change the world through bake sales.  Get a glass of milk and a warm cookie and have a listen.

1 comment on “Episode 103: Christina Tosi and the Power of Dessert

  1. Magan Keshitv says:

    This episode did make me hungry. I love Milk Bar. I had to stop at the store and pick some up to finish the episode on my drive home. I should have bought milk too 🙂

    Love this podcast! Keep up the great work!

    Magan (from New York)

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