Episode 76: Audrey Hepburn: Ambassador for the Children

So we are having a very weird week, with snow in April.  Hasn’t happened in Portland since 1934.  So, while we huddle in for the Spring sleet and snow, we bring gifts of inspiration.  Amy tells about a construction company that not only employs people who need a second chance, they also provide temporary lodging to help them get back up on their feet and these incredible temporary homes are popping up all around the country.  Teresa takes on the incredible Audrey Hepburn, who may be most famous for her acting career, but made a far more lasting impact after retiring from acting and taking on being an ambassador and advocate for Unicef.  She spent her life feeding children all over the world.  Finally, despite all of the horrors going on in Ukraine, there are some more amazing stories coming out about ordinary people doing extraordinary things in Ukraine.  We need to look for the light in the darkness.  Let’s all strive to be points of light.


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