Episode 77: America’s Stalwart Doctor – Anthony Fauci

We are excited to have just hit 50,000 downloads.  Thank you to our listeners for all the support!  We love our listeners!  This week, we have some fantastic stories to share.  We start off with the mother of an autistic child who is reaching out to other parents about raising children on the spectrum and informing others how they can be an autism ally.  Then Teresa takes on Dr. Fauci who not only has taken on Covid, but Aids, Ebola, and SARS as America’s chief immunologist.  Dr. Fauci has sacrificed protecting America under seven Presidents and there is way more to this man than what you see on tv.  Finally, the tragic but inspiring story of Starsky and Hutch actor, Paul Michael Glaser, and how AIDS impacted his family and spurned a movement to help provide for children afflicted with AIDS all around the world.  This is a great episode, so pull up a chair and have a listen.

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