Our Friday for the Future Protest

So last Friday, inspired by Greta Thunberg (see Episode 17), we held our first of what may be many Friday for the Future protests outside the downtown library (that was the location, we weren’t protesting the library). We held signs, waved at cars, and generally enjoyed each other’s company. Below we have some pictures and Amy and Teresa describe their experience.

AMY: I had a lot of fun at yesterday’s Greta Thunberg inspired protest, so happy my daughter Lucy and her friend joined us! It was neat to see the response from the folks driving by, thumbs up, a honk, or waive!! #FridaysForFuture!

TERESA: When I tell people that I’m shy, they laugh because sometimes it might not appear that way. My kids will emphatically argue that I’m an extrovert and far from shy. Yes I talk to everyone in line at the grocery store and get in front of people to teach group exercise, so I guess I can see why people might think I’m not shy. Get me out of my comfort zone and I’m as shy as they come. Standing on a street corner for a Fridays for Future protest is out of my comfort zone FOR SURE. I figured if my shy friend Amy could organize it, the least I could do would be to participate.

I was pleasantly surprised with the whole experience. We had a sweet grandma pass by twice and give us a ‘thumbs up’ from her Prius, two cyclists pretend to honk a trucker’s horn and overall a very warm welcome. I think most of all people were just curious and that’s exactly why we stood on that street corner- to encourage people to research and do something about climate change- no matter how small. We’ve seen how small decisions can have a huge impact on those around us and the power of one. I at least had Amy to keep me company, I couldn’t help but think of young Greta Thunberg out there by herself leading this charge. Talk about lonely.

I left our little protest project inspired. I had a deeper appreciation for Greta, that girl has passion and grit, both qualities I admire. I also was inspired by the reaction we received, which was totally unexpected. Yes, we got our share of dirty looks, but for the most part, it reminded me that there are plenty of good people out there- so I’m going to focus on that. If we focus on our common ground and come together to make the world a better place, we can accomplish so much more.

For More Information on FridaysForFuture and information to use in your own environmental protest, go to:


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