Mother’s Day Canned Food Drive Recap

On this past Mother’s Day, we held our first of what we hope to be many, Tangential Inspiration Food Drive. Since single mothers are particularly hit hard by food scarcity, we thought Mother’s Day would be an appropriate day. We got donations from a number of people and we wanted to thank all those who donated. It was fun getting donations from people we didn’t even know.

Our absolute favorite part was just before we were going to pack it in for the morning, one of my mom’s best friends, Judy, pulled up with her adult daughter Amy. Judy told us that she had been listening to the podcast and was inspired to help out. Judy took her grandkids around her cul-de-sac with our flyer and collected food for our drive. They even collected money to donate to the Neighborhood House, the community non-profit we were collecting food for. We were so touched that Judy and her family would do that, and it made us so amazingly happy that we inspired someone. That’s our goal, to inspire others to do good, and this was tangible proof we are doing what we set out to do. We are so thankful for you and your family, Judy!!!

This was just a little thing, gathering food for some people who desperately need it, but by working together, we pulled together about 200 pounds of food. This is not going to feed the world, but it is going to feed a few people, and for those people, it will make a difference. If everybody does a little bit, the impact can be huge. We are learning as we go, and next time we will do a few things different to get a bigger response, but baby steps first- soon we will learn to run.

Nancy and Diane getting ready to take the donations to the Neighborhood House.

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