Be Kind 21 Follow Up

As I have talked about on the podcast and in another post, I am trying to do my Be Kind 21 list in April. I was inspired by Lady Gaga’s (Episode 16) Be Kind campaign, as just little ways that you can make the world better. Lady Gaga’s official 21-day campaign is in September each year, but I couldn’t wait that long. I have my list up here. Number 21 on my list of 21 things to do was a beach clean-up, and my family and I did that last weekend.

I am excited to say that we filled several bags of garbage, including a lot of styrofoam chunks, but I am even more excited to say, we really had to hunt for that garbage. I was pleasantly surprised with how clean the beach in Nehalem Bay State Park in Manzanita, Oregon was, with very little garbage. Granted, we were there a few days after Earth Day, and I hope some people got out there and cleaned, but I was expecting so much more garbage. I loved how clean the beach was, and it made picking up the garbage more like a treasure hunt with who could get the most garbage. It was a really fun family time and I loved that we could do it while helping the earth.

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