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Hi, I’m Teresa, a married mom of three pretty much almost adult-like boys. I am, and always will be 29. Don’t question it, just move along. I am a fanatic for fitness and have been a group exercise instructor for longer than I am willing to admit. I love animals and I love the outdoors. I am a runner, a triathlete, and a breast cancer survivor. I love to read about people and learn new things. This is my first attempt at a podcast, and I am really enjoying the learning aspect of it, but honestly, I can’t stand my own voice. Hopefully, you can. This project is my way of putting a little bit of light out into the darkness. If we all shine together, we can push the darkness back. Let’s inspire each other to shine!

Hi! I’m Amy and I’m working on making sure I am growing and learning every day. I have lots keeping me busy as I am married, have three kids and a new puppy, Fritz. I try to get outdoors often and I love hiking and skiing and have most recently begun running. Living this past year with Covid, I started soul searching and really needed to look for the good in the world to help lift my spirits and help be try to be a positive influence on others around me. I have to say I’m really enjoying the research expanding my own awareness. I tend to be an introvert and so this podcast is great way to both grow by finding my voice and to help raise awareness of some amazing people doing great things we should all be inspired by.

Amy is on the left, Teresa on the right. Masks are not optional.

Music by Spencer Wymetalek. Find him on Spotify. Opening voice-over by Zach Wymetalek.

Title photo by Sindre Strøm.

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